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We believe that good landscaping is the result of sound, yet creative, design, the use of carefully selected quality materials and quality workmanship.

Below is a portfolio of some of our recently completed works. We invite you to browse these at your leisure.

Click on the "negatives" below to view each project. Click on the "polaroid" to view further photographs of each job.


Oak deck and retaining wall 18th Century cottage,

This 18th Centuary cottage posed the challenge of a very steep concrete path to the rear and side of house that was also higher than the internal floor levels and causing damp to strike through the walls. Furthermore, the existing wall retaining an embankment was collapsing and needed replacing

A large concrete wall was constructed to engineers specifications and was then clad with rough sawn chesnut boarding. The steep concrete path was replaced with oak decking, and a series of steps allowed for a number of highly usable level areas.

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